DiscoverEXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™Ep. 205 - How To Get Manifestation Results - Reair
Ep. 205 - How To Get Manifestation Results - Reair

Ep. 205 - How To Get Manifestation Results - Reair

Update: 2022-07-01


Wondering how to actually see results in your manifestation practice? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vet, we had to re-air this episode to support all of our new members and those doing The Unblocking Challenge. It’s chock full of tips from Lacy, Jessica, and TBM coaches Amanda & Heather on how to create instant magnetism, understand your patterning and step through fear to begin manifesting.

Lacy also shares her manifestation process as a mother, and covers how to navigate the healing magic of rock bottoms.

Tip from the episode: Saying “no” to anything out of alignment is a form of setting the exact boundaries you deserve. 



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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Tips on how to see manifestation results from Lacy, Jessica and TBM Coaches Heather and Amanda!
  • The three components of manifestation you must have in motion
  • How to cultivate instant magnetism to bolster your trust muscle
  • The importance of saying “no” and setting boundaries
  • Lacy’s manifestation process as a new mother
  • Reading your own patterns to better achieve your manifestations 
  • “Bridge” expanders and giving yourself credit for taking smaller steps
  • Recognizing trauma bonds in a relationship
  • The healing magic of rock bottoms
  • Four actionable manifestation tips you can do right now
  • The power of being your own expander 
  • A Manifestation Story from a Pathway Member going through the Unblocking Challenge!




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In The Episode:




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Ep. 205 - How To Get Manifestation Results - Reair

Ep. 205 - How To Get Manifestation Results - Reair

Heather Whitaker, Lacy Phillips, Amanda Blair, Jessica Gill