DiscoverCrime and RosesEp. 208: True Crime: The Murder of Alyssa Burkett #JusticeForAlyssa
Ep. 208: True Crime: The Murder of Alyssa Burkett #JusticeForAlyssa

Ep. 208: True Crime: The Murder of Alyssa Burkett #JusticeForAlyssa

Update: 2022-10-03


We made it through this season of the Bachelorette! In the actual finale, we see Rachel and Tino get engaged and break up, we see Gabby and Erich get engaged. We see cheating scandals, but what we don’t see is a discussion regarding Erich’s high school yearbook photos in Blackface. This refusal to discuss Blackface and racism was incredibly upsetting for both of us, so Megan used it as inspiration for this week’s story. Megan also used this opportunity to discuss some of the history of Blackface, so that people can hopefully better understand why it’s racist.

Alyssa was a beautiful young mother who was headed to work one day in Carrollton, Texas, when she was shot behind the wheel of her car and then was stabbed. Witnesses tell the police that the perpetrator was a 6ft tall Black man, wearing all black and some sort of face covering. However, Alyssa’s family knew exactly who they believed to be responsible… (Story Starts at: 16:08 )

CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Violence Homicide, Discussion of Blackface, and Racism

**This case is ongoing, all accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.**

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Ep. 208: True Crime: The Murder of Alyssa Burkett #JusticeForAlyssa

Ep. 208: True Crime: The Murder of Alyssa Burkett #JusticeForAlyssa

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