DiscoverEXPANDED Podcast by To Be Magnetic™Ep. 254 - Vienna Pharaon - Finding & Healing Your Core Wounds
Ep. 254 - Vienna Pharaon - Finding & Healing Your Core Wounds

Ep. 254 - Vienna Pharaon - Finding & Healing Your Core Wounds

Update: 2023-06-091


Right now, today, in this very instant, your childhood wounds are playing out – in your communication style, in your anxieties, in all your conflicts with friends, family, coworkers, romantic partners, and more. That’s how powerful our wounds are. And simply becoming aware of them makes us that much more powerful! So we brought one of NYC’s best and brightest LMFTs, Vienna Pharaon, onto the Expanded Podcast to help us do just that. And her new book, The Origins of You, is our new instruction manual. In this episode, Vienna gives us an overview of the book and introduces us to the 5 core wounds that may be running your show. Jess and Vienna talk all things coping strategies, being the black sheep of the family, perfectionism, “unconditional love” that is actually conditional – you know, all the good childhood trauma stuff. But the difference is Vienna cuts through the overwhelming existentialism that comes with the healing journey and gives us the inspiration to start. To continue! To press onwards in this lifetime pursuit of healing for the sake of our own authenticity. We’re all on this path together!


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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • A powerful conversation on all things healing with our guest, LMFT & author Vienna Pharaon!
  • The five core wounds and a deep dive into how to navigate them all
  • Wounding, pain, trauma
  • How childhood experiences affect you as an adult
  • Vienna’s own life experience and how it informed her book
  • Using pain as a tool for expansion
  • How to maintain authenticity within group and family dynamics
  • Love, connection, validation!
  • The difference between stimulus and response
  • Core narratives, worthiness wounds
  • Healing as a process, not a destination


  • The five core wounds and how to navigate them (00:17:40 )
  • How to use pain as a tool for healing (00:34:35 )
  • A deep dive into trust & safety! (00:52:10 )



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Ep. 254 - Vienna Pharaon - Finding & Healing Your Core Wounds

Ep. 254 - Vienna Pharaon - Finding & Healing Your Core Wounds

Vienna Pharaon, Jessica Gill