DiscoverCatch my KillerEpisode 139: Johnny Raymond Resendez
Episode 139: Johnny Raymond Resendez

Episode 139: Johnny Raymond Resendez

Update: 2022-06-20


In this week's unsolved homicide case, a 22-year-old Hispanic man named Johnny Raymond Resendez, was murdered in Levelland, Texas on May 20, 1990. A witness was present when he was killed. It was Jessica Alvarado, his 6-year-old daughter. Johnny Raymond Resendez was born on June 14, 1967. The former convict had every intention of staying out of trouble once he was released. He had told his family that he deeply regretted getting into legal trouble. After being released, he vowed to be a responsible father to Jessica.

During the early morning hours of May 20, 1990, Johnny and some family members, including Jessica, drove to a business called Darrell’s Place to buy alcohol. While there, he got into an argument with a black male. Johnny was stabbed to death in front of his daughter. The killer then drove off in a silver and black pickup truck.

Jessica is still heartbroken over the loss of her father. And the image of him being stabbed to death has never left her mind. She is now a mother and is devastated that her children will never meet their grandfather. If you can help Jessica get justice for her father, please reach out to Jessica by email at or you can send your tip to me through my websites or I will then forward the tip to Jessica.

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Episode 139: Johnny Raymond Resendez

Episode 139: Johnny Raymond Resendez

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