DiscoverCatch my KillerEpisode 140: Regina Orozco
Episode 140: Regina Orozco

Episode 140: Regina Orozco

Update: 2022-06-27


This week's episode involves a woman named Regina Orozco, who was 59 when she vanished from her Roebuck, South Carolina residence on January 18, 2019. At the time of her disappearance, she lived with her youngest daughter and son-in-law. She allegedly left a note stating she was going to Alaska. I say allegedly because her two oldest daughters claim their mother didn't write the note.

Regina had three daughters and a son. Her two oldest daughters, Michelle and Gina Orozco, believe their mother is deceased. Regina's two older daughters have been trying to find out what happened to their mother. They don't believe their mother left on her own because she wasn't financially stable enough to just leave.

Regina left behind her debit card, belongings, and identification when she disappeared. Daughters Gina and Michelle said there is no way their mother went to Alaska without any financial resources. She also didn't know anyone in Alaska.

The family is divided over their missing mother. The family dynamics among the four aren’t good. While the two older siblings are united in finding their mother, they both claim their brother and youngest sister haven't been involved in trying to find their mother.

Unfortunately, if you do research about this case, you won't find any information about this missing woman. There is no media coverage or any other attention being given to this case. That is why it’s so important for listeners to share this story. It needs attention. I am hoping the media will pick up this story and encourage law enforcement to look harder at family for answers.

For this story, I spoke to Gina Orozco and Michelle Orozco who are Regina's two oldest daughters. Both women have told me they will do whatever is necessary to find their missing mother. I began this story by speaking to Michelle Orozco, who is Regina's second born.

Do you know what happened to Regina? If you know what happened to her or if you can provide any information about her whereabouts, please contact South Carolina Crime Stoppers at 1-888-274-6372 or the Spartanburg Sheriff's Department at 864-596-2222.

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Episode 140: Regina Orozco

Episode 140: Regina Orozco

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