DiscoverCatch my KillerEpisode 142: Ronnie Russell
Episode 142: Ronnie Russell

Episode 142: Ronnie Russell

Update: 2022-07-11


This week's story concerns a missing father named Ronnie Paul Russell. The 29-year-old man disappeared from Batesville, Arkansas on November 4, 2010. It has been nearly 12 years since he was last seen alive. Wanda Tosh has lost all hope of finding her son alive. Her belief is that someone murdered him.

Nov. 4, 2010, wasn’t an unusual day for Ronnie. He had visited his uncle. But when it was time for Ronnie to leave, he asked a relative for a ride. The relative dropped Ronnie off at local Hardee’s fast-food restaurant. He hasn’t been seen since. There is a lot of information about this case on social media. However, I have been told much of it is incorrect. For instance, it’s been said that Ronnie walked off into some woods near his uncle’s house and killed himself.

His mother, Wanda, is distraught over her missing son. She feels like law enforcement has taken no interest in finding her son. She also thinks law enforcement hasn’t taken this case seriously because of Ronnie’s previous issues with drugs and his run-ins with the law for minor offenses.

Ronnie had told some friends that he was planning on visiting his wife in Newark, Arkansas, so he could reconcile with her. He never made it to her house. She told law enforcement she didn’t see him that day. Independence County investigators have cleared Ronnie’s wife and others. The area surrounding Ronnie’s uncle has been searched with no success. There are definitely many rumors about this case.

What happened to Ronnie nearly 12 years ago? He had left his uncle’s home and gotten a ride to a local fast-food restaurant. From there, he tried to get a ride to visit his wife, who he had recently separated from. Based on new tips, a witness saw Ronnie at a party on the evening he vanished. So it would appear that Ronnie attended this party instead of going to his wife’s home.

The family is asking for your help. You can report any tips to the Independence Sheriff’s Department at (870) 793 - 8838 or you can call the Help the Missing tip line at (866) 660–4025. And if you would like additional information about this case, you visit the Who Killed Ronnie Russell Facebook page. I will also share this information in the episode story notes. Please share Ronnie’s story so that his family can get justice.

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Episode 142: Ronnie Russell

Episode 142: Ronnie Russell

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