DiscoverSinisterhoodEpisode 146: El Chupacabra
Episode 146: El Chupacabra

Episode 146: El Chupacabra

Update: 2021-07-141


Under the cover of darkness, an unknown monster stalked its prey in Puerto Rico and throughout south Texas, leaving farm animals and house pets completely drained of their blood via two vampire-like puncture wounds in their necks. Witnesses reported sightings of a grotesque creature, sparking rumors that the true culprit was something much more sinister than any predator they had ever seen before.

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Comments (2)

Jerry Stauffer

I always hate it when city people explain to country people what a dead animal is. We know. We live with them.

Jul 23rd

Jerry Stauffer

The problem with Monsterquest is they can't confirm the creature because they will be laughed at by the media and scientific community at large and they can't debunk the creature, even if they know what it is, because that destroys the mystery. Same exact show every episode just change the creature. The safari hunt is laughable because every teen from the town messes with their camp and they blame the creature. We've got a very wary creature so let's send out a huge and loud team to sneak up on it.

Jul 23rd








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Episode 146: El Chupacabra

Episode 146: El Chupacabra

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