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Episode 157: Alex Kruck

Episode 157: Alex Kruck

Update: 2022-10-25


Alexander Michael Kruck, 33, was born in Illinois but spent most of his life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His friends and family called him Alex. His sister Claire said that he was an excellent athlete when he was younger. Alex had dreams of becoming a professional athlete. But while in high school, she said he got in with the wrong crowd and got involved in drugs.

She said he lived a transient life, but he always kept in touch with family and friends and posted on Facebook regularly. Unfortunately, he went silent on social media and stopped contacting his family. What happened to Alex Kruck? Did he abandon his family and friends or was he a victim of foul play?

Alex Kruck was last seen in the area of 1900 West Finn Place in Milwaukee. Is he alive or dead? His mother believes he may have been lured to his death by someone pretending to be a woman. However, how could he have gone to Mexico? He didn’t have a passport, vehicle or any money.

Alex is described as a white male, 6' tall, weighing 175 lbs., with brown curly hair and brown eyes. If you have any information on Alexanders whereabouts, please contact the Milwaukee police at 414-935-7401. And if you would like more information about Alex’s story, please visit the Find Alex Kruck Facebook page.

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Episode 157: Alex Kruck

Episode 157: Alex Kruck

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