DiscoverCatch my KillerEpisode 186: Cory "Stretch" Schroeder
Episode 186: Cory "Stretch" Schroeder

Episode 186: Cory "Stretch" Schroeder

Update: 2023-08-07


Cory Schroeder, also affectionately known as Stretch was a Bauxite, Arkansas man who vanished on Friday May 21st 2019, just a day short of his 45th birthday. Cory was born on May 22, 1974 in Mauston, Wisconsin. He has a younger sister named Charish Schroeder. Although Cory had a great home life, he would begin hanging out with a bad crowd. Cory then engaged in criminal behavior which led him to a prison sentence from 1995 to 2003. His sister said while in prison, Cory stayed out of trouble and never lost any privileges.

He received his commissary and was able to visit with his family without any disruptions. After leaving prison, Cory struggled with finding work since it can be difficult to find a job with a felony. But he remained positive and didn’t want to return to prison. He focused on working and spending time with his handicapped daughter. Charish said he loved his daughter and committed his life to being a supportive father.

According to Charish, Cory had asked a friend to take him to the store on May 21st, 2019. The friend said he wore a sweatshirt with a hood and a black and red backpack. This was the last time Cory was officially last seen. After Cory didn’t show up to celebrate his birthday with his family, they became concerned. They knew he would have shown up to celebrate his birthday. Charish began reaching out to Cory’s acquaintances looking for him. His disappearance was also reported to law enforcement.

Today, Charish has spent time speaking to people who knew her brother and taken to social media to try to locate her brother’s body. She is convinced he’s been murdered because she knows he would never walk away from his daughter or family members. For now, she just wants to recover his body so he can receive a proper burial and the family can grieve over the loss.

If you have any information about Cory’s whereabouts, please contact the Saline Sheriff’s Department at 501-303-5647 or 501-303-5648. And if you would like to make an anonymous call, please call 501-303-5744. And if you would like additional information about this case, please visit the Cory Schroeder.....Have you seen me? FB page.

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Episode 186: Cory "Stretch" Schroeder

Episode 186: Cory "Stretch" Schroeder

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