DiscoverSinisterhoodEpisode 210: Resurrection Mary
Episode 210: Resurrection Mary

Episode 210: Resurrection Mary

Update: 2022-10-261


A stretch of road on Chicago’s south side has been home to this eager passenger for a century. She accepted rides from strangers but wasn’t always the most gracious guest. Screaming, jumping in and out of the car, and in some cases, ghosting those who offered to take her home. Is this a case of mistaken identity and late night hallucinations? Or do drivers headed down archer simply need to prepare for an extra rider? 

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Autumn Cousineau

The thought of being like "Oh the term period for your dead relative to be in this spot has passed so where gonna have to move their dead body" is so fucked up what the hell. Like why not, like, oh, I dunno. Leave them there and put the next dead bodies in another unoccupied spot??? Wouldn't it be harder to have to dig up, move, and bury a person again and THEN bury another person there? Wouldn't it be easier to....go somewhere else??? The person who came up with that is a special piece of shit honestly and is the dullest tool in the shed. Like, my god. What made anyone think that is a good idea, because it's so disrespectful to the dead and also is just too much needless work. The only thing I can think of is it was a way to scam people for more money. But they didn't have powered equipment to move the bodies back then, so it would have been so much harder. All that work for no good reason. Insanity. Also, I wonder if graveyards became a thing to help control disease, and possibly to keep predators away from cities. Like, a dead body that isn't buried deep enough will attract predators. We've had to bury animals on our farm, as sometimes that's needed with livestock; we only bury our very special animals up near the house, cuz otherwise the bodies attract coyotes. The holes where we've buried cows at the very far edge of our 14 acre pasture get dug in by coyotes once in a while cuz they smell the bodies. And sometimes our cats and dogs buried up by the house need to have logs on their graves for a while cuz we've seen animals like raccoons or other scavengers (the coyotes don't come up near the house; the cows scare them too much lol) try to dig them out. One time when I was just barely like 18, that did happen. One of our beloved cats, Ditch, had been buried out behind my dad's shop. I went back there one morning to bury a dead bird I found, and I found Ditch's body dug up and drug like 10 feet from his grave. I already have a phobia of dead bodies, and the fact it was our sweet big boy who I just saw long dead and sprawled out really made me lose it. Ever since then, we always cover the fresh graves in logs for at least a few months. Even for a calf we buried up next to my dad's shop a couple months ago (we were super attached to her but she had too many genetic health problems to humanely survive past a couple months we put her out of her misery and buried her up here since she was small and it felt rude to bury her anywhere else). Anyway, sorry for the ADHD rambling, but yeah. Predators can be attracted to graves, and that's not good to have near a city. Also, it wasn't uncommon for people to die more from infectious diseases back then, so staying the hell away from the rotting bodies filled with disease was probably for the best. So, grouping them up in one area out of town where people don't always go may be for the betterment of everyone's health. And as an added bonus, burying them in more open areas allows them to grow bigger. I live in rural Oregon, and there are lots of little rural cemeteries out in the middle of a field at least a mile from the nearest town, sometimes out in the middle of nowhere. There are many cemeteries like that around here. I can think of like 4 of em near me just off the top of my head. And putting them that far out 1) keeps any attracted predators away from town, 2) moves infected bodies to one localized area away from large groups of people, and 3) allows for massive growth of the cemeteries, as long as the owners of the surrounding fields allows. My brain has kinda lost the plot here with my rambling, but yeah. And as someone who has a phobia of dead bodies and especially zombies, I am very, very okay with cemeteries being in one location and usually not in densely populated areas. That also makes me know 100% that I will request to be cremated someday after I die lol. I feel like having my body essentially gone and not able to be fucked with is the only way for me to be truly at peace someday in the far off future when I die.

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Episode 210: Resurrection Mary

Episode 210: Resurrection Mary

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