DiscoverSinisterhoodEpisode 213: The Backrooms
Episode 213: The Backrooms

Episode 213: The Backrooms

Update: 2022-11-16


The sound of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz. Approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. Entities lurking around every corner waiting to pounce. Are you watching a movie? Playing the latest video game? Or are you trapped on another plane of reality with no means of escape?

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Autumn Cousineau

Oh dang, I'm just starting the episode obviously, but if that picture of the Backrooms was generated by an AI, that could be one thing to explain why it's so unsettling. That means it looks like a real place but isn't, if it was generated. Ya know, some Uncanny Valley stuff (which is one reason why I think some stuff from sites like Dalli mini creep me out on a deep level). Also, the back rooms is a wild concept, and the worst part is that everything made about it makes the space feel like it's surrounded by nothingness. Like, say, it feels like it's buried deep underground, or somewhere in a void. Like there isn't truly anything outside of it and it's just trapped in nothing. So that, if you do somehow find your way back out, you better hope it lands you back in the space/dimension/etc you came from cuz otherwise it feels like it might just gonna spit you out into a void. If that makes sense. I've never personally played a Backrooms game because I'm too anxious to play scary shit, but I've seen people play it. It's definitely an unsettling topic. I've mainly watched a few games of it played by Markiplier cuz he's played a few Backrooms games and seems to be fascinated by them (and since I've grown up watching his stuff and still hooked at 24 years old because he's a funny dude)

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Episode 213: The Backrooms

Episode 213: The Backrooms

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