DiscoverThe Need to Know PodcastEpisode 232 | "The Gold Standard" (with Joe Budden)
Episode 232 | "The Gold Standard" (with Joe Budden)

Episode 232 | "The Gold Standard" (with Joe Budden)

Update: 2023-10-30


On this week's episode of the Need to Know Podcast, SaVon, Alex, and Regi are joined by none other than legendary rapper and podcaster Joe Budden. The episode begins with SaVon asking Joe how he’s doing (7:23 ) before breaking down the different iterations of The Joe Budden Podcast (9:30 ). SaVon and Alex share their side of the “secret” meeting that spelled the beginning of the end of Rory and Mal’s tenure on The JBP (22:06 ), and Joe details his relationship with Rory and Mal (30:46 ). Joe talks about respecting friends (43:53 ) and the current iteration of The JBP with Ish, Ice, QueenzFlip, Melyssa Ford, and Parks (59:21 ). The gang asks Joe Complex’s Hip-Hop Media Rankings (1:13:50 ), which segues into Joe detailing his relationship with Charlamagne The God (1:24:06 ). Alex asks Joe to explain why he doesn’t place ads on The JBP (1:34:27 ) before Joe dives into his history with Drake (1:52:57 ). Joe talks about Kai Cenat, Lil Yachty, and the younger generation of content creators (2:13:07 ), and Alex asks Joe for his honest opinion on ‘For All The Dogs' (2:17:18 ). Alex brings up DJ Envy and Cesar Pina’s real estate scandal and asks Joe how he predicted that it would be a Ponzi scheme when Envy called him to invest years ago (2:26:13 ). Next, Joe shares his honest thoughts on DJ Vlad (2:30:35 ), Adam22 (2:35:33 ), and his relationship with SaVon and Alex (2:37:35 ). To close, SaVon has some quick hitters for Joe (2:46:21 ), and the gang toasts to their accomplishments and what’s to come (2:56:18 ).

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Episode 232 | "The Gold Standard" (with Joe Budden)

Episode 232 | "The Gold Standard" (with Joe Budden)