DiscoverMorbidEpisode 233: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murders Mystery
Episode 233: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murders Mystery

Episode 233: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murders Mystery

Update: 2021-05-1630


Since 1997 young men have been disappearing for periods of time and then turning up in bodies of water. Upon first glance it’s easy to brush these off as accidents, young men drinking too much and slipping or falling to their deaths: sad but not unheard of. It was in 2008 that Kevin Gannon, Anthony Duarte, Mike Donovan and Dr. Lee Gilbertson presented a theory to the world: What if these cases aren’t accidents at all? What if there is some kind of gang spread across the nation, picking these guys off 1 by 1. Insert the name of the case, The Smiley Face Killers.  

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Comments (9)

Ashley Bland

I just wanted to add on the whole well new years is a time people get wild... that would also make it a great cover up as well. good time to do it if they know people will expect it was an accident.

Jul 12th

summer bear

I have to say I live in a casino town and used to work in the casinos so I have seen and east with lost of drunk people and while yes I'm a fairly small woman so that would make a difference. But if I saw a 6ft tall assuming drunk guy stumbling down the street I would stop to help if anything I'd be a little scared cause drunk people are erratic. Not to say this case isn't weird but I see why people wouldn't necessarily stop to help.

Jul 8th

Melissa Powell

Mercury is retrograde. That’s what happens. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jun 11th



May 18th

Paul Sigley

why is it so shocking that nobody would help a grown man throwing up and wandering down the street on New Years eve? c'mon! 🙄

May 18th

Bjorn O. Sigurdsson

6 drinks is NOTHING to a healthy college age male, especially one who drinks on a regular basis! You'd have to hit double digits before any serious impairment kicks in.

May 17th

dominic shilton

watched the documentary on sky crime. something is wrong here, there's someone out their hunting these men

May 16th
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Episode 233: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murders Mystery

Episode 233: The Smiley Face Deaths/Murders Mystery