DiscoverMorbidEpisode 236: Lake Lanier
Episode 236: Lake Lanier

Episode 236: Lake Lanier

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Lake Lanier.. Honestly I feel like that’s all I need to say. This place has so much creepy surrounding it!! There are giant catfish that have been compared to volkswagen, phantom hands pulling you under the water and not to mention the entire submerged counties that lie beneath. There are also multiple deaths and murders that have occured in or around the lake. So much to unpack here, just in time for your memorial day weekend!!

Anyone with information on the Hannah Truelove case is asked to please call the hall county sheriff at 770-531-6885 or crime stoppers at 1800 222 TIPS

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Comments (19)

Jonathan Haddock


Sep 1st


I do not like the sound of these catfish.

Jul 1st

Joe B

As a South Shore transplant to Central Massachusetts I have developed a fascination with the Quabbin Reservoir. There is nothing spooky about it to my knowledge, but it has the same history. Four towns where flooded to create it. it supplies greater Boston's drinking water today.

Jun 22nd

dee Adair-Reece

Please just get to the point

Jun 8th

Bjorn O. Sigurdsson

That damn lake is killing 10 people per year!

Jun 2nd

Ashley White

I am on Lake Lanier right now with 25 boats tied together and the bloody Mary's are flowing. Listening to this podcast on the blue tooth. I have been on this lake my entire life. Nothing has ever happened. Except a hangover. Raise a glass and tie up your boat. Join the fun!!!!

May 31st

Red wave 2022

These bitches are dumb af

May 31st
Reply (6)

Lala Adams

she said, "and imma post a picture of these MF catfish, bc woah dang! You thought catfish with Neve was something? bc honey child, Lemmie tell YOU, you aint seen nothin yet" 😭 I legit laughed to tears here lmao

May 30th

Laura Lovelace

I grew up in the area and had only ever heard of the giant catfish story when I was younger. I went swimming there but I was terrified. Only as an adult did I start to hear about the hands grabbing and pulling people under.

May 30th
Reply (1)

Vicki Camacho

There is a whole African American town at the bottom of Lake Lanier.

May 30th
Reply (1)

Emily Patton

You guys should look into Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri! It also is a man made lake over a town.

May 30th








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Episode 236: Lake Lanier

Episode 236: Lake Lanier