DiscoverMorbid: A True Crime PodcastEpisode 237: The Curse of Manchac Swamp
Episode 237: The Curse of Manchac Swamp

Episode 237: The Curse of Manchac Swamp

Update: 2021-05-3136


For our second installment of creepy ass bodies of water, Alaina tells us the story of Manchac swamp in Louisiana and a voodoo healer called Aunt Julia who predicted her own death AND informed the town that she’d be taking them all with her. Boy did she follow through on this promise. We also share 2 listener stories regarding not only this area in Louisiana but also Lake Lanier!

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There is a digimon that is called Garrurumon. it's name is based on the sound in japanese of a growl.. but weregarurumon sounds a lot like the Rugaru(sp) myth.

Jul 10th

Malina Hollier

I live in Houma where the Rougarou Festival is. It is pronounced like Home-uh. Another thing I have heard is to put a broom at the foot of your bed because he can't count all the bristles

Jun 11th

Monica Aizprua

This so crazy to hear this podcast right now! I'm visiting my mom in Louisiana this weekend and she's about 20 minutes away from Houma. I have never heard of the Rougaroo before so this was such a neat thing to learn about so thank you ladies!

Jun 8th


loup-garoux is french for werewolf, by the way, and you don't pronounce the "p" in loup

Jun 4th








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Episode 237: The Curse of Manchac Swamp

Episode 237: The Curse of Manchac Swamp

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast