DiscoverMorbid: A True Crime PodcastEpisode 238: The Phillip Island Murder
Episode 238: The Phillip Island Murder

Episode 238: The Phillip Island Murder

Update: 2021-06-0233


The night of September 22, 1986 was an absolute nightmare on Phillip Island. On an island known for its nightly penguin parades, no one expected to find a young woman brutally murdered on her bedroom floor. Elizabeth “Beth” Barnard was only 23 years old when she was discovered stabbed to death and left with the letter “A” carved into her abdomen. She’d been having an affair with a married man, Fergus Cameron. Did his wife Vivienne do this to Beth, or was it a stalker from her past?

The Phillip Island Murder by Vikki Petraitis & Paul Daley

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Comments (2)

Rachel Bee

Omg! You guys! I have NEVER heard such a bias toward Vivienne. Fergus clearly killed both women. He is guilty as sin. His “alibi” is his family who covered up for him repeatedly. The Police are guilty of cover up Ltd as well. There’s a reason this is a ten parter on Casefile. Some stories can’t be cut down to under an hour. I love you guys but this ones a fail.

Jun 9th

Kimica Z

Smoke signal?? Lol

Jun 3rd








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Episode 238: The Phillip Island Murder

Episode 238: The Phillip Island Murder

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