DiscoverMorbidEpisode 240: The Lady of the Dunes
Episode 240: The Lady of the Dunes

Episode 240: The Lady of the Dunes

Update: 2021-06-1219


We’re bringing you to one of our favorite vacation spots: Provincetown Mass. Only we aren’t sunbathing and playing volleyball on the beach, we’re here to solve a cold case, y’all. The Lady of the Dunes, as she’s known, was discovered  on July 26, 1974, in the tall grass at the Race Point Dunes. Throughout the past 47 years investigators have worked tirelessly following up on leads and exhuming her body every time some kind of new technology comes up. To this day they still don’t know who killed the woman, or more importantly, who the woman even is!

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Darilyn Endersby

it's the story of Jonah from the Bible, lol

Jun 21st
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Laura Lovelace

can they try the new genealogy DNA testing?

Jun 21st
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my cousin is an RCMP, maybe he could help xD

Jun 15th








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Episode 240: The Lady of the Dunes

Episode 240: The Lady of the Dunes