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Episode 242: John Edward Robinson

Episode 242: John Edward Robinson

Update: 2021-06-2134


John Edward Robinson is one of the wildest schemers you’ll probably hear about. He spent most of his early life creating fake businesses and scheming investors and co-workers out of thousands of dollars. Somehow he avoided long prison terms and was able to fly under the radar of his parole officers in a big way. Things started to escalate even more though when John started “helping” young mothers out. You’re going to want to hear the end of this one guys, and we’ll see you soon for part 2!

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Persephony Muskie

Why does the baby kidnapping sound like the book series "Girl on the Milk Cartoon"? This guy is truly horrible to kill a wan, steal her baby, give it to his brother and his brother's wife, and then just continue to lie.

Jul 30th
Reply (1)


Love you guys but it’s actually pronounced LAY -SCENE. Lol good effort though

Jun 28th

Laoise Devonport

omfg when she said he worked for a local crime factory I thought of Shawn in BMW. then she said it. mind blown. 😂

Jun 24th

Stacy Peacock

ugh!! I wish the title designated a Part 1 status!! Now I've started and can't stop listening! 🤣

Jun 22nd
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I was in Eudora last weekend, it's so weird how far and close the world is.

Jun 21st

Jacci Rose Webster

Hey! Kansas native here! It's 'Oh-lath-ah' (Olathe). Also, I'm in a suburb just outside Wichita, and was in high school there when BTK was apprehended.

Jun 21st








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Episode 242: John Edward Robinson

Episode 242: John Edward Robinson

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