DiscoverMorbidEpisode 353: Justice For Katie Palmer
Episode 353: Justice For Katie Palmer

Episode 353: Justice For Katie Palmer

Update: 2022-08-1717


On the morning of April 21st John Palmer and his wife Katie decided to start their day off with a nice walk together before the craziness of their day to day ensued. They didn’t know that one of their neighbors would also be out that morning, driving his F-250, impaired to say the least. Katie and John were both hit by that man, Cory Todd Foster. John suffered serious injuries that left him in the ICU and unfortunately, Katie was killed in the crash. Cory Todd Foster, who has a 20 year history of vehicular crimes including DWI, reckless driving and speeding faced absolutely no charges.

A huge thank you to John Palmer for speaking to us about Katie's life and the injustice surrounding her death.

There are so many injustices in this case that will leave you infuriated, but the fight is not over. There will be justice for Katie Palmer, and all of us can have a hand in helping. For more information and updates on Katie’s case these are the best links:

Katie Palmer Project

Justice For Katie Palmer Webpage

Justice For Katie Palmer Facebook Group

Justice For Katie Palmer Twitter 

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Comments (7)

Becca Allen

It is so bad that this guy got off. It's unbelievable. John is an absolute champion what a guy.

Jun 1st

Karen Triviski

This is so gross, I have friends in law enforcement that wouldn't hesitate to arrest me if I broke the law. If that's not your mentality you shouldn't be in law enforcement.

Mar 9th

Jena Pantano

it baffles me how much this guy still believes in law enforcement. "99.9%" made me literally laugh out loud. it's probably 30% are good, and I wish it was more but, unfortunately, too many times it's been proven not the case. I'm glad some traction is starting for this family.

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

alicia polite

"justice for..." stories almost involve law enforcement. I'm sorry but, I think we all know how that is going to play out. It is not right but....I hope it changes...but....

Aug 19th

Lenora Thorium

I seem to recall a listener contribution pledging that you two have friends in the FBI. I would love to know what they might make of this situation, especially after listening to the description of the officers' conduct at the scene and the nonexistent investigation.

Aug 18th


We still have the good ole boys system where I live!

Aug 17th








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Episode 353: Justice For Katie Palmer

Episode 353: Justice For Katie Palmer