DiscoverMorbidEpisode 367: JonBenet Ramsey Part 2
Episode 367: JonBenet Ramsey Part 2

Episode 367: JonBenet Ramsey Part 2

Update: 2022-09-2118


6 year-old JonBenet Ramsey was murdered December 1996 in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Her death remains a mystery to this day with various theories and suspects floating around, but never caught. Who killed this beautiful little girl? Who wrote the staged 2.5 page ransom note found in her home? When will answers finally arrive from a crime scene that was outrageously contaminated from the start? In part two we’ll discuss the pineapple of it all, the various theories that have been brought forth over the years and discuss the suspects that go along with those theories.

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I think the brother did it. He was jealous and finally lost it. Parents covered it up and paid off Boulder PD.

Nov 10th


i always wonder of she was actually alive when the dad carried her in from the car and put her to bed. and if the brother sexually assaulted her

Oct 7th
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Lesley Brunet

Has it ever been considered that someone could have been in the house for hours before the Ramsay's got home. They could have hidden on their return.

Oct 5th
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Maddison Easley

Appreciate the well researched and fairly unbiased look at such a tragic case. Not sure why Elaina and Ash give so much room for the Ramsey's to be innocent. It was clearly an inside job and the whole family should be held accountable for the death of an innocent child. The detective's resignation letter is pretty telling of the corrupted players and lies involved.

Sep 27th
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Mary Monterrubio

I am wondering if there was a tox report run and/or was the pineapple checked for sedatives. Maybe the brother and sister were both drugged at the party or at home maybe even by an intruder they knew....maybe Jon Benet woke up and that is why she got hit in the head. that would also explain how Burke slept through all of it I did not see evidence of a tox report on the autopsy

Sep 22nd

Lenora Thorium

The older brother sounds like a classic psychopath. He probably Burked his little sister

Sep 21st
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Episode 367: JonBenet Ramsey Part 2

Episode 367: JonBenet Ramsey Part 2