DiscoverMorbidEpisode 394: Fred & Dolly Oesterreich
Episode 394: Fred & Dolly Oesterreich

Episode 394: Fred & Dolly Oesterreich

Update: 2022-11-2116


Ash brings us the story of Dolly Oesterreich and the murder of her husband Fred. When Fred was murdered late one summer night in the couple's home the police wondered if this was a burglary gone wrong. But they would soon learn they had always been closer to catching the killer than they realized. This is a tale of scorned lovers, deception, and lies but ultimately justice prevails.

Thank you to David White for research assistance.


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Lenora Thorium

Wow, this whole time I was picturing Dolly as this super hot femme fatale... I just looked up her picture, and she most definitely is... not. 🤣

Nov 30th


Great story third time listening

Nov 29th

Marisha Zimmerman


Nov 21st








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Episode 394: Fred & Dolly Oesterreich

Episode 394: Fred & Dolly Oesterreich