DiscoverMorbidEpisode 406: The Yorkshire Ripper Part 3
Episode 406: The Yorkshire Ripper Part 3

Episode 406: The Yorkshire Ripper Part 3

Update: 2022-12-1913


Part three of The Yorkshire Ripper gets even more brutal than the first 2 episodes. Peter Sutcliffe is really starting to ramp things up. He's getting more violent, more theatrical, and more brazen as the minutes pass. The police will end up speaking to Peter for the second time in this installment (although it certainly won't be the last time) and local news outlets will start receiving Jack The Ripper letters regarding the murders. Hang on tight, the fourth and final episode will be hitting your ear meat next episode!!!

After Evil by Neil Jackson

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When I lived on the 3rd story, my UPS driver would put the 50lb box inside my door. I never questioned opening my door to him.

Dec 29th

Lenora Thorium

Are the Yorkshire police like the UK version of the LAPD??

Dec 20th
Reply (1)

Lenora Thorium

Much like a man who refers to all women and girls as "females", a man who refers to a woman as a "tart" is simply a man who objectifies and resents women. In other words, a man so tormented by his own sexual inadequacy that he hunts down and hurts women in a sick and twisted gesture of retaliation and rage.

Dec 20th

Melvin Dodson

wow 😲 what a great show

Dec 19th








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Episode 406: The Yorkshire Ripper Part 3

Episode 406: The Yorkshire Ripper Part 3