DiscoverMorbidEpisode 428: The Survival Tale of Vicky Cilliers
Episode 428: The Survival Tale of Vicky Cilliers

Episode 428: The Survival Tale of Vicky Cilliers

Update: 2023-02-0812


On April 4, 2015, thirty-nine-year-old Victoria “Vicky” Cilliers leaped from an airplane flying 4,000 feet above the ground. Vicky was an expert parachutist, so the dive on that Easter Sunday should have been no different—but this one was… For some reason, her chute failed to open, and she plummeted three-quarters of a mile to the ground.... BUT SHE SURVIVED THE FALL! The question remaining? Who had tampered with Vicky's chute?

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Lenora Thorium

Your clavicle is not that thick; it's about the width of your pointer finger. Also, why would you need to crack a clavicle to do an autopsy? Perhaps you mean the sternum?

Feb 13th

Melvin Dodson

this is great

Feb 8th








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Episode 428: The Survival Tale of Vicky Cilliers

Episode 428: The Survival Tale of Vicky Cilliers