DiscoverMorbidEpisode 439: Kiss and Kill Murder
Episode 439: Kiss and Kill Murder

Episode 439: Kiss and Kill Murder

Update: 2023-03-0812


When Betty Williams’ boyfriend, Mack Herring, broke up with her during their senior year of high school, her entire world felt like it was collapsing in on her. She had been struggling with depression and anxiety for some time, all of which seemed compounded by the problems of a society and culture that in 1961 seemed steadfastly unwilling to accept her for who she was. For Betty, death seemed the only way to free herself from the losing battle she had been fighting; however, despite her commitment to ending her life, Betty simply didn’t have what she described as “the fortitude necessary” to go through with it. Instead, she begged one last thing of the young man who had just broken her heart—she wanted him to pull the trigger for her.

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I don't understand how I could disagree so fundamentally with these ladies this time. Betty wanted to die. If she could have pulled the trigger and all Mac had done was give her the shotgun, this wouldn't even be a case. He wasn't malicious, in the end, he just did what she asked him to do. This is a suicide, and not a murder in my opinion.

Apr 22nd

Ashley Keeton

This episode was really hard to listen to. I understand the need to emphasize that the victim was not at fault, but there is a level of manipulation and selfishness to involve another person in suicide. If the argument to that statement is going to be that she was a kid, so was the boy involved. Also, from listening to the description of this guy, he may have had some level of mental illness or disability. The crime took place when the diagnosis of these types of issues was virtually unheard of. The amount of time that was spent talking about how no one could possibly think it's OK to assist in shooting another person is your first hint... there was not malice, and she asked multiple times. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say she might have seen him as someone she could talk into doing something that another person may find obserd. Maybe just consider what makes sense... if something sounds crazy ( this highschool kid shooting a girl for virtually no reason) maybe explore that..

Mar 27th

Lauren Kiraly

The word is not disassociate. The word is dissociate.

Mar 15th

Ernest James Barron

as someone who has had severe depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, involving someone else in your own suicide especially an ex is fucked up and not acceptable in any way. It feels like revenge on them by making them do it.

Mar 15th

Jane Hoffman


Mar 9th








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Episode 439: Kiss and Kill Murder

Episode 439: Kiss and Kill Murder