DiscoverMorbidEpisode 450: Arthur’s Seat Coffins
Episode 450: Arthur’s Seat Coffins

Episode 450: Arthur’s Seat Coffins

Update: 2023-04-138


In late June 1836, a group of boys hunting rabbits on a hillside on Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, discovered a small cave hidden behind three slabs of slate, each piece carved into a rough conical shape. When they moved the pieces of stone, they found hidden within seventeen hand-carved miniature coffins, each containing hand carved figures. For nearly two hundred years, the mystery of the miniature coffins has baffled and delighted tourists and locals alike, all wondering who carved the coffins and why. Theories have been put forth claiming they’re everything from a satanic spell or witchcraft to an ancient custom or even the work of notorious Scottish serial killers and body-snatchers Burke and Hare.

Many thanks to the smashing David White for research assistance :)


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Amanda Longton

Love Morbid but they are starting to get waaaayy too chatty. 40% side tracked 60% topic. I am here for their silliness but I would also appreciate hearing about the actual topic too please.

May 2nd

Phoebe McBee

Dahl-gleesh is how you say that surname Dalgliesh 😂. From Scotland here, gave me a laugh how they pronounced it here haha

Apr 20th

Chris Burndrett

Lilliput is a fictitious country inhabited by 6 inch people in the book Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. Therefore, the inhabitants of Lilliput are Lilliputians.

Apr 13th








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Episode 450: Arthur’s Seat Coffins

Episode 450: Arthur’s Seat Coffins