DiscoverMorbidEpisode 492: The Haunted S.K. Pierce Mansion
Episode 492: The Haunted S.K. Pierce Mansion

Episode 492: The Haunted S.K. Pierce Mansion

Update: 2023-09-079


In the spring of 2009, Edwin Gonzalez and his girlfriend, Lillian Otero, fled their house in Gardner, MA, less than one year after moving into what they believed was their dream home. Later, once they were safely away from the old Victorian, Gonzalez and Otero would explain to friends and family that they had been driven out by angry ghosts who had done everything—including possessing Lillian—in order to torment them, leaving them no other options than to abandon the house that had once held such promise. 

Although they didn’t know it when they moved in, Gonzalez and Otero’s home, the S.K. Pierce Mansion, had long been considered by locals to be haunted. Indeed, in its more than one-hundred-year history, the Victorian home had seen more than its fair share of tragedies, including several deaths in the house as recent as the 1960s, as well as countless other unsavory myths and legends.

Thank you to Dave White for research assistance.


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Episode 492: The Haunted S.K. Pierce Mansion

Episode 492: The Haunted S.K. Pierce Mansion