DiscoverMorbidEpisode 493: The Attempted Murder of Olga Rocco
Episode 493: The Attempted Murder of Olga Rocco

Episode 493: The Attempted Murder of Olga Rocco

Update: 2023-09-117


On the morning of December 31, 1946, nineteen-year-old Pearl Lusk boarded a crowded subway train in Brooklyn. A few days earlier, she’d met a man named Allen in a bar who offered her a very strange, yet simple job: she was to follow a young woman named Olga and take a photo to determine whether she was wearing any stolen jewelry. 

That morning, as Pearl and Olga exited the crowded subway train, Pearl raised the camera in Olga’s direction and pulled the wire to take a photo, but what happened next would put into motion a series of events that rivals fiction.

Thank you to the wonderful Dave White for Research assistance!


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Episode 493: The Attempted Murder of Olga Rocco

Episode 493: The Attempted Murder of Olga Rocco