DiscoverMrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious StoriesEpisode 57 -- "The Worst Death Story on the Internet"
Episode 57 -- "The Worst Death Story on the Internet"

Episode 57 -- "The Worst Death Story on the Internet"

Update: 2022-08-2518


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Today’s podcast is about "places you CAN'T GO, and people who went anyways..." This will be a "top 3" style episode, so you’ll hear three unique stories back to back, with each story being more intense than the last. The audio from all three stories has been pulled from our main YouTube channel, which is just called "MrBallen," and they have all been remastered for today's podcast.

Story names, previews & links to original YouTube videos:

  • #3 -- “A Harmless Stream" -- A group of young people decide to make a late night hike through a dangerous forest. (Original YouTube link --
  • #2 -- “Magellan" -- The worst "death story" on the internet. (Original YouTube link --
  • #1 -- "Boilermakers" -- A college freshman finds an off-limits door on his campus. (Original YouTube link --

For 100s more stories like these, check out our main YouTube channel just called "MrBallen" --

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Main Sources:

#3: A Harmless Stream

1) Sara Hulphers write up

2) Background info on Sara Helpers

3) Friend of Sara Hulphers posted a memorial video  @Tim Cash  --

4) Lawsuit information, Sara Hulphers story

#2: Magellan

1) Write up about case --

2) BBC write up on case --

3) Detailed research paper on what happened --

4) Wikipedia page on "Jackup Rigs" which is what Magellan was --

5) Wikipedia page on "Roughnecks" --

#1: Boilermakers

1) This story was suggested by Reddit user: Keesey_bake on our subreddit r/mrballen

2) "Report of Findings" is the official 38 page report on what happened to Wade --

3) "Body identified as missing Purdue student Wade Steffey" --

4) "Report details Steffey's death, doesn't surprise University officials or family members" --

5) "UPDATE: Officials say missing Purdue student fatally shocked in utility room" --

6) "01/13/07: Wade Steffey, 19, West Lafayette, IN" --

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Episode 57 -- "The Worst Death Story on the Internet"

Episode 57 -- "The Worst Death Story on the Internet"