DiscoverReal Estate RookieExpedite Retirement & Learn the Secret to Becoming a Top Producer (Quickly)
Expedite Retirement & Learn the Secret to Becoming a Top Producer (Quickly)

Expedite Retirement & Learn the Secret to Becoming a Top Producer (Quickly)

Update: 2022-06-151


What differentiates a top producer from everyone else? The most common answer is hard work, ambition, and charisma, but what does that even mean? Hard work, while a universal concept, changes depending on the context, so what does hard work entail in real estate? Today’s familiar guest, David Greene, answers all these questions and more in today’s episode and his new book, SKILL.

SKILL is only part two in his three-part book series where David teaches you how to excel as an agent or investor. It follows SOLD, which is all about gaining confidence by learning and understanding the fundamentals of real estate. SKILL then teaches you how to become a top producer and make more money through intelligent negotiation, building trust with clients, and becoming an expert in your field. Ideally, this book is for those with a little experience who want to take their career to the next level.

In today’s episode, David shares some of the characteristics of a top producer. He goes over the importance of generating leads and how to do so, building your marketing funnel, and the metrics you should be tracking to find and convert more leads. Instead of telling you how to get better through abstract concepts, David provides concrete step-by-step examples on how to differentiate yourself, so you can beat out the other agents in your area.

In This Episode We Cover

How to decide if getting your real estate license would be beneficial for you (it’s not the answer you think)

Lead generation and how to get your name known 

How to improve investor and agent communications and find deals that align with your criteria

The most important metrics to track if you want to scale your business

Lead vs. lag measures and why tracking lead measures get you results sooner

Listing presentations, how to hold one, and why they make you stand out as an agent

And So Much More!

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Expedite Retirement & Learn the Secret to Becoming a Top Producer (Quickly)

Expedite Retirement & Learn the Secret to Becoming a Top Producer (Quickly)