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Faith Triumphs Over Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse

Faith Triumphs Over Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse

Update: 2023-06-271


Trigger Warning: In this faith-focused podcast episode, Anne and guest, Anna M. Jonathan, refer to their Christian beliefs and satanic ritual child sex abuse.

We recognize that many victims of spiritual abuse find religion and spirituality to be traumatizing, while others find religion and spirituality comforting and healing. Please know that you are welcome and loved in this community no matter where you are on the spectrum of spirituality. 

How Does Spiritual Abuse Affect Victims?

Spiritual abuse takes many forms. From abusive men using scripture to coerce wives into sex, to clergy counseling victims to "forgive and forget" abuse and infidelity, victims of religious abuse may find that religion and spirituality are traumatizing. Women in our community who have experienced spiritual abuse share that they are triggered when they:

* Enter a place of worship

* Hear certain verses of scripture

* Are approached by clergy or other male leadership or members of faith communities

* Hear or sing spiritual songs or hymns

* Pray

In the case of Anna M. Jonathan, a member of the BTR.ORG community, the severe spiritual abuse that she endured in the form of satanic ritual child sex abuse did not deter her from engaging in healthy religious and spiritual practices later in life.

Can Victims of Spiritual Abuse Find Healing?

Many victims of spiritual abuse do find healing - some through disengaging from religious practices, and others through finding a new relationship with their Higher Power.

Victims experience trauma when they are made to feel powerless in a scary or painful situation. When this happens over and over, as in instances of psychological and emotional abuse, infidelity, and sexual coercion, victims may experience a unique level of trauma that makes healing feel impossible.

However, as victims take courageous actions to protect themselves from harm, educate themselves about abuse, and seek community and validation, healing becomes possible.

BTR.ORG Is Here For You

Spiritual abuse is one of the most insidious forms of control over another person - taking advantage of, or completely ruining - another human being's relationship with their Higher Power can't be described in any other way but purely cruel.

At BTR.ORG, we want you to know that we trust you however you need to heal from spiritual abuse. Whether that's by re-engaging with religious and spiritual practices in a new way, or stepping away, we understand and we support you.

Our BTR.ORG Group Sessions are a safe space for you to process the grief that often accompanies spiritual abuse. Please attend a session today.

Full Transcript:

Anne (00:00 ):

Welcome to BTR.ORG. This is Anne. Anna is back on the podcast today. We're talking about a really sensitive subject with child sexual abuse and also satanic ritual abuse. If you didn't listen to last week's episode, start there first and then join us here. A trigger warning: she does talk about the abuse that she suffered as a child. It's not graphic, but she does share a specific event that occurred.

This is probably one of the most emotional episodes that I've ever done. I edited out a lot of it, but before we start, I just wanna share with you my belief in God - that I believe in God, and that my savior, Jesus Christ, has delivered me and delivered my children, and that it was a miracle. I just know it wasn't me. As I prayed and listened to the spirit and followed what it told me to do, that Jesus Christ,








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Faith Triumphs Over Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse

Faith Triumphs Over Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse

Anne Blythe