DiscoverSinisterhoodFreaky Friday: Episode 56
Freaky Friday: Episode 56

Freaky Friday: Episode 56

Update: 2023-04-14


I Am Now Reminded That I Was Stalked; A Spooky Shaman Encounter; Trafficking at the Library; He broke my heart... Thank God!; Dead Body in a Storage Unit; The Night of the Caped Crusader and His Husky Cohort - The Paulding Light; and a special guest stories from Haley and Andrea, co-hosts of the podcast Inhuman!

Our FF guest story this week comes from Haley and Andrea, co-hosts of the podcast Inhuman. Haley is a TikToker @robandhaley with a passion for helping victims of crime get justice. Andrea is a self proclaimed weirdo, Mama, Youtuber and now Podcaster, obsessed with all things true crime with a huge passion for unsolved cases.

We are so honored to be nominated for a 2023 Webby Award for Best Comedy Podcast!

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Freaky Friday: Episode 56

Freaky Friday: Episode 56

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