Free Fall | 5

Free Fall | 5

Update: 2018-09-18527


Dr. Henderson and Dr. Kirby were screaming for anyone to listen who might help them get Dr. Duntsch to stop operating. Kirby wrote to the Texas Medical Board. He and Henderson went to the police. But no one was listening.

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Comments (38)

miinty fresj

I've had this podcast in my list for a while - I just started listening to it yesterday - HOLY SHIT!! This story!! This guy??!?!?! It's bone chilling, hearing how the "doctor" doctored.

Aug 3rd

Dee Smith

Thank god for driving like dr Henderson He should be on the medical 🏥 board himself Good for you Dr Henderson well done 👍

Oct 14th

Marisela Barajas

I was surprised to know that Dr. Zietler was on the medical board when this went down. Also does anyone know the name of that band playing?

Sep 23rd

Vanessa Kirby

This is disgusting

May 20th

Rosa Williams

Why has no one gone after the school he "graduated" from? He should have never had a license to practice surgery in the first place.

Nov 5th
Reply (1)

Aiden Littlemore

Brilliant podcast. How did he get away with it for so long though??

Jan 4th
Reply (1)

Nurah Zaheerah

This is a great show.

Dec 20th

James Michael Thaxton, CST

Before I had a traumatic accident, I was a Clinical Practitioner, a surgical assistant on a Neurosurgery Team for many years. I have to say, I am surprised that Dr. Dench lasted this long. It is true on a previous episode, where it was mentioned that the OR staff tend to be tight lipped regarding the cases we do, but if a surgeon neglect to best practices in the light of Dr Dench's malpractice.... Then by all means of responsibility for the patient and their well-being is not being treated in a manner consistent with the American College of Surgeons, or Association of Registered Nurses, the two entities that are in charge of setting standards for "best practices", by which I was bound to...this craziness would never of been stood for had this been reporting by the staff involved in these surgical procedures. Especially in my role, which is the person who is assigned to assist in the neurosurgery with the doctor. He or she, and myself,or whomever is assisting. We are the only sterile people who are involved in the surgery. Scrub Techs as we are known as short hand within the OR, we are trained to know EXACTLY how to do the surgical procedures, mini surgeons so to speak. I'd be surprised if no one, in the scrub roll, did not report his mistakes to their director of the Surgical Procedures Department. Sick...however, fascinating podcasts

Nov 1st


sounds like he developed CRPS after the surgery that paralyzed him. awful...

Oct 2nd
Reply (1)

Matt Babcock

lz lo

Sep 26th

Matt Babcock


Sep 26th

andrea richardson

what a wonderful story, to which the pleasure is diminished due to the aggressive commercials. if I hear zip recruiter one more time on this pocast i will punch myself, or my neighbor, in the gullet.

Sep 23rd
Reply (16)

Davie Baird

I love Dr.Henderson, man's a hero!

Sep 20th
Reply (2)

Heidi Henderson Smith

omg been waiting

Sep 19th

Meaghan Scott

felt like an eternity for this

Sep 18th

Eve Lloyd

I've been waiting forever for the new episode!!!

Sep 18th
Reply (1)
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Free Fall | 5

Free Fall | 5