DiscoverReal Estate RookieFrom Corporate Cog to 10-Unit Landlord in Just 2 Years!
From Corporate Cog to 10-Unit Landlord in Just 2 Years!

From Corporate Cog to 10-Unit Landlord in Just 2 Years!

Update: 2022-09-28


If you’re hesitant to start your real estate investing journey, ask yourself this—where would you be now if you started ten years ago, and where could you be in ten years if you started today? As today’s guest, Brandon Rush, said, “everything you enjoy today, is the result of something you did five to ten years ago.” Brandon currently has three multi-family homes with a total of ten units. 

Brandon started his investing journey when he couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel with his W-2. He couldn’t imagine himself working a nine-to-five until sixty-five, so he decided to take his future into his own hands and started house hacking. After two years of hard work and planning, he was able to quit his W-2 a month ago to be a full-time real estate agent.

Brandon’s success is not without sacrifice. He moved out of his single-family home and moved an hour away from work for his first house hack. And, of course, after his first house hack, he moved to his second house hack! Moving required Brandon and his wife to get rid of most of their things and travel lightly. Although moving and getting rid of material things can be difficult, for Brandon, getting rid of clutter helped clear his mind and reinforced the idea that he was on the right path. Brandon is confident in his investing choices because he surrounds himself with like-minded people, has built an investor-friendly network, and knows that all his decisions now will benefit his future self.

In This Episode We Cover

House hacking 101—how to get started and why it’s a great way to start investing

How to build an investor-friendly network and the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people

Self-managing your tenants—how to set boundaries and expectations from the start

Creating your lease agreement and how to properly screen tenants

Why cash flow is the most overrated metric of success and how to accurately measure your property's performance

And So Much More!

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From Corporate Cog to 10-Unit Landlord in Just 2 Years!

From Corporate Cog to 10-Unit Landlord in Just 2 Years!