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From The Flames Pt. 1

From The Flames Pt. 1

Update: 2022-01-21


In preparation for The Town Whispers Season 2, take a moment, and learn the histories of The Fort, that go back further in time than The Fort itself, and further abroad then we've ever gone before.

From The Flames is brought to you by our Patreon, and it's wonderful members, who continue to lend their support to our small town, and make our it possible to increase the quality of our production. From The Flames was originally produced and released as a Patreon exclusive, but now as we inch closer to Season 2, I think it's imperative that you townsfolk who support us in other ways learn what it is 'From The Flames' has to share.

From the Flames is an incomplete story, but that's only because the story isn't over yet....

See you in Season 2 Townies!

Written and Narrated By: Cole Weavers

Sound Production and Editing By: Matt Black

Theme Song By: Charlie PS

Cover Art By: Vincent Wah

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From The Flames Pt. 1

From The Flames Pt. 1