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Functional Medicine - Diet

Functional Medicine - Diet

Update: 2023-02-20


with all these Foods you go you're all the ones that says you're not sensitive to in the next thing you're getting sick or just happened to me about five times blew up the whole program and and food sensitivities are as big a part of what is the diet for me what diet should I eat for fibromyalgia what do I shave for irritable bowel syndrome as anything but they're not the only thing so let me walk you through what we've come up I Now understand we've traded we've had over 40,000 patients come through this Clinic over the period of time I've been around and although we haven't treated all of them we've treated most or a lot of them are probably well over half of them but we've interviewed all of them and we evaluated all of them so we have a pretty good idea kind of coming ongoing clinical trial of like what works and what doesn't work the everybody who comes into us well not everybody today today my patient population knows about diet more than ever before I'm usually shocked when I have a patient

the other day I came in it was kind of surprised that diet could possibly be a part of their of their way to help if you will so most people today are coming in they're already on paleo diet or they're already on the vegan diet or they're already eating better than 90% of the human race and are whatever diet they're on they're on the ketogenic diet and her and and animated feel better for a while but then it didn't or didn't work and they're wondering why are they still sick so we'll start out that okay we'll start out with the clinical pearls now this is real hardcore brass tacks get down to you got a sick person sitting in front of you and you got to start understanding what's going on and and and and that person's already telling me basically they're telling me look dude I know more about diet than you do I'm already eating better than you you know

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Functional Medicine - Diet

Functional Medicine - Diet