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Functional Medicine - Stress Pt1

Functional Medicine - Stress Pt1

Update: 2023-02-07


just a number of things now I can't put them all on order and review them that we've gone through the history we've gone through the exam we've gone through so many of the basics of what needs to be done and now we're going to start moving into a little bit more into treatment and this topic today which is stress and how chronic stress creates and or perpetuates chronic conditions is kind of it's kind of a borderline foundational issue and it's kind of a its kind of also a huge functional issue as far as relative to the Future talks are going to be for example about the large intestines small intestines the stomach how they all play into each other the order in which to attack them and so when a person comes into our office we once we decided that they're probably a good candidate we have them fill out an...I have one section of about maybe 12 questions on the intestines and then we have another test area on maybe five questions on intestinal permeability we have five pages of questions on the brain and brain chemistry and brain chemistry when it goes abnormal results in anxiety it results in panic attacks or results in the Prussian it results in inflammation it results from the bottom line is all of these different physiological neurological abnormalities create a lot of problems I would make the argument that it's at least a ginormous contributor to this expanding group of patients who are The Chronic pain patients the autoimmune patients and I'm going to we're going to understand why things

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Functional Medicine - Stress Pt1

Functional Medicine - Stress Pt1