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Functional Medicine - Thyroids Pt2

Functional Medicine - Thyroids Pt2

Update: 2023-03-03


"...we're going to continue on now with thyroid I was thinking about this earlier I'm going to talk about how I process a thyroid in my mind again when you look in a book thyroid or maybe even some stuff you see online about functional medicine is here's the thyroid here's how you do this you give them that supplement and it's not like that for the patients who come in here anyway because the vast majority have already been everywhere and they've been there doctor they've driven them crazy their thyroid symptoms are normal or okay but their numbers are off so the education is screwed some up or vice versa the numbers are okay but they have 25 out of 25 symptoms of Hashimoto's thyroiditis and the doctor was doesn't know what to do for him and because and then gives them medication and that's

actual hypothyroid case and those are the first challenge is to figure out that right there okay but really now again but really when a person comes in here and they have hypothyroid that's usually going to be they have hypothyroid they're taking that's usually beginning to be there are their several Pathways there's like twenty-one different Pathways between your thyroid making thyroid hormone and I'll go into a little your thyroid makes thyroid hormone it is made mostly like 93 to 97 percent of what it makes is enacted Department doesn't do anything it's inactive so I can be flying around your system attached these little proteins and fly around your system all..."

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Functional Medicine - Thyroids Pt2

Functional Medicine - Thyroids Pt2