GPT has entered the chat

GPT has entered the chat

Update: 2022-12-161


To wrap up the year we’re talking about what’s breaking the internet, again. Yes, we’re talking about ChatGPT and we’re joined by our good friend Shawn “swyx” Wang. Between his writings on L-Space Diaries and his AI notes repo on GitHub, we had a lot to cover around the world of AI and what might be coming in 2023.

Also, we have one more show coming out before the end of the year — our 5th annual “State of the log” episode where Adam and Jerod look back at the year and talk through their favorite episodes of the year and feature voices from the community. So, stay tuned for that next week.

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:09 ) - Sponsor:
(01:43 ) - Start the show!
(03:43 ) - Is prompt engineering overhyped?
(11:37 ) - Is data the new oil, again?
(20:06 ) - We're "the dynamic duo"
(22:45 ) - Sponsor: InfluxData
(23:48 ) - Complete this sentence...
(26:17 ) - At what point does humanity stop creating?
(30:42 ) - It doesn't have to be 100% correct
(35:34 ) - The human brain is the holy grail
(36:10 ) - AI is the ultimate tool for equality
(38:20 ) - Access to AI becomes part of the class system
(40:28 ) - AI talking to AI
(41:34 ) - The future AI assistant
(46:09 ) - Is this an immediate threat to Google?
(53:48 ) - Scaling ChatGPT is a great cloud story
(55:41 ) - Sponsor: Retool
(56:39 ) - What's the end game here?
(1:00:58 ) - Is AI's future tied to capitalism?
(1:04:13 ) - We have to figure out licensing
(1:05:21 ) - Subscribe to Open-ish from Luis Villa
(1:06:45 ) - Closing out the show
(1:12:54 ) - Outro









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GPT has entered the chat

GPT has entered the chat

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