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Growing Up and Alongside (feat. Ben Gibbard)

Growing Up and Alongside (feat. Ben Gibbard)

Update: 2022-11-11


“Music is a time machine,” says Ben Gibbard, singer and guitarist of Death Cab for Cutie. Just a few bars of a beloved song can be transportative, an instant reminder of another time and place. “And if you've been that in someone's life, you have a responsibility to keep that material alive.” For Ben, that means continuing to honor and perform work from Death Cab for Cutie’s back catalog—some of which he wrote when he was only twenty years old—while constantly pushing the band to new creative heights. On this episode of Object of Sound, Ben and Hanif talk about what it is like to live alongside the work we produce, and how our relationship to it changes as we grow up. Hanif closes the episode with a playlist of songs about getting older. For the playlist of songs curated for this episode, head over to

Music In This Week’s Episode:  
Here to Forever - Death Cab For Cutie
Grandma’s Hands - Bill Withers
When You’re Old And Lonely - The Magnetic Fields
20 Something - SZA
Bitter with the Sweet - Carole King
Introspection - UMI
Those Were The Days - Angel Olsen
The Lights are Going Out -  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Show Notes:
Asphalt Meadows is out now.

Ocean Child: the Songs of Yoko Ono is available now for purchase and streaming. A portion of proceeds from the album go to WhyHunger.

If you’re also a fan of OMD, you can get your very own t shirt just like the one Ben was wearing during our interview.

This show is produced by work by work: Scott Newman, Jemma Rose Brown, Kathleen Ottinger, Rhiannon Corby, and by Hanif Abdurraqib. The show is mixed by Sam Bair. Extra gratitude to Joe Dawson and Saidah Blount at Sonos.









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Growing Up and Alongside (feat. Ben Gibbard)

Growing Up and Alongside (feat. Ben Gibbard)