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Here’s the Truth About Reunification Camps

Here’s the Truth About Reunification Camps

Update: 2023-06-131


Ty and Brynlee Larson, Maya and Sebastian Laing, Lexi, and Macy. 

What do these teenagers have in common?

They are victims of the alienation industry, and have had to go to extreme lengths - including barricading themselves in rooms, running away, and going into hiding to protect themselves from the horrors of reunification camps.

Tina Swithin from One Mom's Battle is back on the BTR.ORG Podcast, taking a deep dive with Anne into the subject of the alienation industry - with a call to action for our community. Tune in and read the full transcript below for more.

Gaslighting & Psychological Trauma at Reunification Camps

Reunification camp staff freely admit that the tactics they employ serve to condition children and teens to doubt their own memories and lose faith and trust in their own intuition.

By playing "memory games" with children and teens, camp staff "prove" to the court-ordered attendees that they are forgetful and cannot trust their own memories regarding the abuse that they endured at the hands of the parent who is paying for them to be at the camp.

Reunification Camps Are Human Trafficking in Broad Daylight

Camps are not located in every state where children are court-ordered to attend - in order to avoid human trafficking charges, camp staff use a handy (and corrupt) loophole:

"They often cross state lines. A lot of times they are operating out of AirBNBs or in hotel suites. There are a few camps, actual physical locations. There's one in Texas, there's one in California. But most of the time, and the way they avoid human trafficking charges by crossing state lines, they transfer custody at each leg. So when the transport agents come in to remove the children, they have guardianship. And then when they take the children to the camp, they transfer custody to the camp owner. And then ultimately the alleged abuser is the one who maintains custody. And the people who own the camp, the way it's written in the court orders, maintain full control of the case for at least a year."

Tina Swithin, One Mom's Battle

Reunification Camps & The Safe Parent

Children are further traumatized when they aren't allowed to have any contact with their preferred parent:

"In all of these cases, once the four-day reunification camp is complete, the preferred parent is not allowed in. There's a 90-day block-out period where they're allowed no contact. And if contact is made or attempted, the 90 days starts all over again. But it's never 90 days. We have stories where parents have been two years, four years without their children, and some parents don't even know where their children are two years later."

Tina Swithin, One Mom's Battle

BTR.ORG Is Here For You

Victims of abuse face the terror of the family court system when they take courageous steps toward separation and divorce from the abuser. Tina shares that many women have written to her and expressed that they are afraid to take steps for their own safety because they don't want to subject their children to unsupervised time with the abuser:

"A failure in this system is when victims of domestic abuse would rather stay in the relationship than risk losing their children to their abuser. That is a failure in itself."

Tina Swithin, One Mom's Battle

BTR.ORG is here for you as you navigate your journey toward safety. You don't have to do this alone.








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Here’s the Truth About Reunification Camps

Here’s the Truth About Reunification Camps

Anne Blythe