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Hey Me, Will You Marry Me?

Hey Me, Will You Marry Me?

Update: 2023-05-15


Ah, romance...with yourself? Bryan & Krissy get into an ITV interview with an Atlanta woman who married herself. Sounds like an ass cream cone to me!

  • Bryan is sick and gross and we are sorry
  • Our lives revolve around pollen
  • Pollen: it’s in your car, your ass, and your nose
  • Crotch Rot, it’s a scientific thing!
  • We have the best listeners in the world!
  • Astrid keeps it real
  • Ask TCB
  • How do you handle a friend who is cheating?
  • Ass Cream Cone
  • If you cheat on Bryan, he’ll be going to the tanning bed every damn day!
  • Would you want to know if you were being cheated on?
  • For real this time, what is a gander?
  • (Bryan & Krissy would know this if they had ever listened to the girls group Eden's Crush and their 2001 hit 'What's Good 4 The Goose')
  • Write in questions for Bryan’s mom!
  • ITV strikes again, with people who married themselves!
  • Meg Taylor Morrison married herself after her 3 year relationship ended
  • She says its self-love, but we can’t get past the imagery
  • Have we found the next Dalai Lama?
  • She seems sane…
  • Alas, she is a life coach


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Hey Me, Will You Marry Me?

Hey Me, Will You Marry Me?

Bryan Green