Hollywood Strike Update and AI Roundup with Trey Kollmer

Hollywood Strike Update and AI Roundup with Trey Kollmer

Update: 2023-09-12


In this episode, Trey Kollmer, WGA Writer and Co-Executive of the show Ghosts, returns to the show to discuss updates to the Hollywood Strikes, including news on SAG-AFTRA and WGA. Trey and Nathan chat why actors are joining the strikes, how AI will change acting as a profession, Trey’s views on reasoning and how he’s experimenting with GPT-4, and much, much more.


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(00:04:01 ) Hollywood and AI: updates on SAG-AFTRA and the WGA

(00:15:20 ) Sponsors: NetSuite | Omneky

(00:18:56 ) Studio approach to copyright and compensation with generative AI

(00:22:17 ) Hollywood receptiveness to using AI and protections guild members are asking for

(00:24:05 ) How much potential is there in fine-tuning models on writing Hollywood scripts?

(00:24:56 ) Models implementing gradient descent in the weights

(00:29:14 ) How Nathan uses models to write for the podcast

(00:34:15 ) Generating and mining jokes in the writer’s room

(00:35:18 ) Generating polarizing material

(00:40:18 ) Untraining models

(00:44:20 ) AI writing tools and writer perception of them

(00:46:34 ) Context length and pooling layers

(00:51:11 ) Microsoft China

(00:52:09 ) Chat-GPT’s system prompt: steering the model in the direction you want

(01:00:02 ) Actors’ strike

(01:02:20 ) Background actor rights

(01:05:45 ) Using 1 million DALL-E images to create an AI short film

(01:09:11 ) Deepfakes

(01:10:29 ) Speculation on outcomes for the actor’s strike

(01:12:51 ) The future where anyone can be a reasonable synthetic actor

(01:17:33 ) Trey’s take on reasoning and why Hollywood should be more open to AI

(01:16:20 ) New generative choose your own adventure content

(01:25:49 ) A monk’s experience with Chat-GPT

(01:28:56 ) Outdatedness of stochastic parrot notion; reasoning and synthesis

(01:32:05 ) Adversarial attacks

(01:36:14 ) Model vs human susceptibility to adversarial attacks because of human robustness

(01:39:20 ) Trey and Nathan’s reasoning experiments

(01:47:30 ) Performance jumping with abstraction

(01:49:22 ) Language model self-delegation

(01:51:04 ) NVIDIA’s margins compared to TSMC and ASML

(02:07:35 ) Adding an AI layer and competing with incumbents

(02:09:22 ) How sustainable is the demand for an AI friend?

(02:13:10 ) Rewind AI

(02:19:27 ) Big tech vs old school studios

(02:14:52 ) Dramatic ironies from the picketing lines

(02:21:38 ) AI development moments that feel like a movie

(02:26:34 ) CEO of Inflection’s views on misuse being a greater threat than the AI itself

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Hollywood Strike Update and AI Roundup with Trey Kollmer

Hollywood Strike Update and AI Roundup with Trey Kollmer

Erik Torenberg, Nathan Labenz