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How To Be Unstoppable with Self Made CEO Rick Jordan

How To Be Unstoppable with Self Made CEO Rick Jordan

Update: 2024-05-21


Jordan dives into everything from crushing it in business to personal branding. He stresses the importance of going all in and savoring success, while also showing compassion to oneself. Jordan unpacks the messy journey of going public, emphasizing the importance of pivoting and adapting. While building a successful company, Jordan had to manage his narrative and handle trolls (Ugh, trolls. They’re everywhere). He stresses the importance of taking control of your life and overcoming obstacles that will inevitably happen.

Rick and Ryan also explore the balance between hustle culture and work-life harmony. There is a relentless push to grind these days and the pressure of long hours, but it’s important to find the balance that works for you.

Rick reveals his plans for the next 6-12 months, and you’re going to have to tune in to hear what they are (Hint: acquisitions might be part of the plan). He also tells all about his pandemic documentary project, Liberty Lockdown, and his hopes for its release.

The episode highlights Jordan's personal routines and his engagement with shareholders and followers on social media, emphasizing his authentic approach to success and growth.

He also touches on supporting kids' passions and calling out phony movements. Rick opens up about what brings him joy, highlighting the importance of micro-moments and quality family time.

All this to say, you don’t want to miss this one! Rick will really light a fire under you! Only question is, are you ready to go all in?!?


  • Being all in and appreciating success is important in grounding oneself and staying motivated.
  • Pivoting and adapting in business is crucial for success, and it's important to have the resilience to push through challenges.
  • Personal branding can be a powerful tool in building a successful company and attracting opportunities.
  • Controlling the narrative and not getting caught up in negativity is essential for personal and professional growth. Finding a balance between hustle culture and work-life balance is crucial for overall well-being.
  • Encouraging passion is important, but it's also essential to have realistic expectations about the outcomes.
  • Planning for the future and setting goals is important for personal and professional growth.
  • Supporting children's passions and providing opportunities for growth and exploration is crucial for their development.
  • Micro-moments and spending quality time with loved ones are essential for resetting and finding happiness.


Stupidity and Showing Up (00:00:00 )

Rick Jordan discusses the concept of showing up and giving your all, even when faced with challenges.

Podcast Introduction (00:00:18 )

Ryan Alford introduces the podcast "Right About Now" and the Radcast Network.

Greeting and Introduction (00:00:39 )

Ryan Alford introduced the guest, CEO Rick Jordan.

Grounding and Observing Milestones (00:01:06 )

Rick Jordan discusses how he grounds himself amidst the chaos of taking a company public and savoring milestone moments.

Going All In (00:03:32 )

Rick Jordan shares his personal philosophy of going all in and discusses the core value of giving his all to everything he does.

Transitioning to Public (00:07:28 )

Rick Jordan talks about the experience of taking his company public and the impact on the business and team.

Expectations vs. Reality of Going Public (00:09:33 )

Rick Jordan reflects on the messy process of taking the company public and the unexpected challenges faced during the journey.

Resilience and Pivoting (00:13:12 )

The discussion focuses on the resilience and ability to pivot required in entrepreneurship and leading a team through challenges.

Personal Brand and Influence (00:14:56 )

Rick Jordan discusses the impact of his personal brand on the success of the company and the indirect influence it has on various aspects of his life.

Personal Branding and Control (00:18:51 )

Discussion on the power of personal brand and controlling the narrative in the digital age.

Hustle Culture and Work-Life Balance (00:24:07 )

Debate about hustle culture, work-life balance, and the value of hard work.

Going Public and Future Plans (00:27:17 )

Plans for acquisitions, brand expansion, and the journey of taking the company public.

Documentary and Personal Branding (00:29:42 )

The discussion about a documentary, its distribution, and the impact on personal branding.

2020 Experience and Political Issues (00:32:16 )

Reflections on the experiences during the pandemic and discussion about political and social issues.

Happiness and Financial Stability (00:36:18 )

Exploration of personal happiness and financial security as a long-term goal.

The tool and resource for kids (00:36:33 )

Rick Jordan discusses how he sees his success as a tool to support his children's passions and aspirations.

Inspiration from a successful entrepreneur (00:37:23 )

Rick Jordan shares how he was inspired by a successful entrepreneur who built a community and how it influenced his decision to go public.

Success as an ongoing journey (00:38:40 )

The speakers discuss the idea that success is not a destination but an ongoing journey, leading to a conversation about retirement and mentoring.

Paying the "dummy tax" (00:39:17 )

Rick Jordan talks about the lessons learned from his mistakes and the emotional and financial toll of paying the "dummy tax."

Resetting with family time (00:40:24 )

Rick Jordan shares how spending time with his children, especially during car rides, serves as a grounding and reset for him.

The importance of micro moments with kids (00:42:19 )

The speakers discuss the significance of small, everyday moments in parenting and how they contribute to building strong relationships with children.

Engaging with shareholders and platforms (00:43:30 )

Rick Jordan talks about his engagement with shareholders through various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and stock chat boards.

Closing remarks and where to find them (00:45:09 )

The speakers conclude the episode, sharing their contact information and encouraging listeners to follow them on social media platforms.

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How To Be Unstoppable with Self Made CEO Rick Jordan

How To Be Unstoppable with Self Made CEO Rick Jordan

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