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How Trauma Has Affected My Sexuality

How Trauma Has Affected My Sexuality

Update: 2023-07-111


Do you wonder if you're asexual? Feel like your once vibrant sense of romance is now completely extinguished? Find yourself repulsed by your partner, rather than attracted to him?

Trauma deeply affects our sexuality - Anne shares her own experiences with this subject in this short episode. Tune in to the BTR.ORG Podcast and read the full transcript below for more.

I Lost Interest in Sex After Betrayal - Is That Normal?

Many women lose interest in sex and any kind of affection after betrayal and sexual coercion.

There's nothing MORE normal than not wanting the abuser to touch you or use your body when you do not feel safe with him.

Will I Ever Have a Sex Drive Again?

As Anne shares her own story, including how her crush on Indiana Jones has helped her understand her own trauma in regard to future relationships - you may find some hope that as you establish safety in your life and give yourself space to heal, peace and healing are absolutely possible.

BTR.ORG Is Here For You

Losing your desire for intimate connection and relationships can be devastating. It feels like a passionate, beautiful part of you has died and often, we don't even want that part of ourselves to be resurrected when the trauma has been significant.

These are difficult feelings to process. Attend a BTR.ORG Group Session today and find the community that you deserve on your journey to safety.

Full Transcript:

Anne (00:00 ):

Welcome to BTR.ORG. This is Anne. I'm gonna have a really short episode again today with just me kind of chatting about stuff. So can we talk about Indiana Jones? I recorded this before the movie came out, so at this point I haven't seen it, but I realize that when this airs, it will have come out. Just know, there's not going to be any spoilers or anything because I have not seen it yet at this point. I grew up on Indiana Jones in my home. We had a VHS player and a tape, I think I recorded it off of TV or something of Raiders of the Lost Ark. And so there's a period of my life where every Saturday I would watch Raiders of the Lost Ark via vhs. So I have a lot of this movie memorized and with this new Indiana Jones coming out, I'm so excited to see it.

Have media, culture, and trauma affected your sexuality?

(03:55 ):

Of course I'm gonna be there and I'm gonna love it. But I have mixed feelings about Indiana Jones in terms of maybe how media and culture has affected my sexuality. And I say that because I'm not really interested in getting married and I'm not really interested in dating. I'll go on a date every once in a while and I am noticing lately that I have more interest in sex, and when I say that, I mean a hundred percent of the time, I'm not a hundred percent disgusted by it. And that did occur for a really long time. So now 90% of the time I'm 90% disgusted by it and then there's like 10% where I'm like, oh, maybe I would wanna have sex again. And I feel like that 10% of the time when that occurs is usually due to some Indiana Jones-type character on a movie that I watch <laugh>.

"It represented my childhood ideas of what men were and what masculinity was"

(04:52 ):

So that's why I'm saying maybe it has ruined my sexuality in that a lot of the shows that I watch where I'm really attracted to a man, they're strong, they're capable physically. I'm very attracted to manly problem solvers who are able to like save the day.

I actually had the opportunity to go the Petra where part of Indiana Jones and the last crusade is filmed when they find the Valley of the Crescent Moon. And when I got there, I broke down in like hysterical crying; I could not stop crying. So you go through this slot canyon, which by the way,








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How Trauma Has Affected My Sexuality

How Trauma Has Affected My Sexuality

Anne Blythe