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How to (Legally) Avoid Taxes by Investing in Real Estate

How to (Legally) Avoid Taxes by Investing in Real Estate

Update: 2023-01-25


Everyone wants to know how the rich avoid taxes. You hear about it on the news, “billionaire pays zero dollars in taxes this year,” or “this real estate tycoon made millions but gets a tax refund!” This can seem like blatant tax abuse for those not in the investing game. Why do some people get to pay no taxes while others are stuck with a sky-high return just for working their W2 job? The answer lies in the assets you invest in.

Real estate investing is one of the most tax-advantaged assets around. As a real estate investor, you can almost automatically count on lower income taxes while making more money. Don’t believe us? We brought Amanda Han, CPA to top investors, on the show to explain how investors avoid taxes while still striking it rich in real estate. Amanda understands the ins and outs of the tax code, and as a real estate investor, she benefits from knowing real estate write-offs and deductions better than the rest!

On today’s show, Amanda will walk through the top real estate tax deductions and how rookie real estate investors can start paying less in taxes. She’ll also explain real estate professional status (REPS) and using it to lower your taxable income and how to find the perfect tax advisor for you and your properties. If you want to start using the same strategies that the wealthy use to avoid taxes, this is the episode to tune into!

In This Episode We Cover

The biggest real estate tax deductions and some that many investors often miss

Depreciation explained and how this paper loss can help you keep your passive income

The best tax strategies for investors trying to minimize their taxable W2 income

How to find the right tax advisor and what they MUST know about real estate

Tracking expenses and making it easy on yourself during tax time

LLCs for rental properties and whether you even need one in the first place

And So Much More!

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How to (Legally) Avoid Taxes by Investing in Real Estate

How to (Legally) Avoid Taxes by Investing in Real Estate