DiscoverPlaymakers: On PurposeHow to Be a Fighter Jet (ft. Bedros Keuilian, Four-Time Inc 500 CEO + Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, ‘Man Up’)
How to Be a Fighter Jet (ft. Bedros Keuilian, Four-Time Inc 500 CEO + Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, ‘Man Up’)

How to Be a Fighter Jet (ft. Bedros Keuilian, Four-Time Inc 500 CEO + Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, ‘Man Up’)

Update: 2021-10-04


How to Be a Fighter Jet (ft. Bedros Keuilian)

Bedros Keuilian is the definition of grit. But put grit and focus together, and you get something truly special.


“We are all born as fighter jets, where we know what we want, we scream and fight to get it. And we’re curious about exploring. That’s all a fighter jet is, someone who was definitive in their purpose.” —Bedros Keuilian


Bedros Keuilian is a self-made entrepreneur who escaped communism, came to the United States, ate out of dumpsters, and has since built several multi-million dollar brands and businesses, leading him to be a four-time Inc 500 CEO and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of ‘Man Up.’ Odds are you’ve seen his international franchise Fit Body Boot Camp or his clients on TV shows and at the top of the New York Times bestsellers list.

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[07:34 ] - Mountains On Top of Mountains

Strive for the next level, not the moment of rest at the top

Imagine that every goal has another level, like reaching the peak of a mountain only to discover another, higher mountain behind it. When COVID-19 hit, Bedros’ international fitness franchise was significantly challenged— but he simply saw that challenge as the next mountain to climb.

[14:11 ] - Connecting Through Trauma

The struggles we’ve faced can bridge us to others

Bedros experienced horrible abuse at one point as a young boy, but today he sees this trauma as an opportunity to connect with other people who have experienced similar experiences. Through healing, we identify opportunities for connection.

[17:35 ] - Blame, Blame, Blame

Choose healing and progress over blame

As Bedros says, when things go wrong it’s easy to identify ten different sources of blame— the leader, CEO, politician, etc. Sometimes, things just suck. That’s outside of our control. But what is inside of our control is the choice to stop blaming and start moving forward.

[21:14 ] - A Ceiling on Love

Why do we limit ourselves?

When we experience trauma, disappointment, or shame, we often put a limit on how much love, success, or wealth we think we deserve. These toxic belief systems limit us and keep us from achieving our goals. When we can break through that ceiling, we’re able to fix our health, our mindset, our relationship, anything at all.

[36:11 ] - Don’t Suffer in Silence

Don’t keep your mouth shut. Open it and watch your life change.

We all suffer in silence to some extent, boiling in our grief or shame and thinking that no one wants to hear about it. But the truth is that we have to share what we’re feeling, what we’re experiencing with the people we love and trust. The result? We come out the other side with a better understanding of ourselves and a greater sense of peace moving forward.

[42:21 ] - Start a Fighter Jet, Stay a Fighter Jet

Think like a baby, achieve your wildest dreams

Each one of us is born a fighter jet. Think of a newborn. In each moment, they have exactly one goal that they scream and cry and claw for— whether it’s food, sleep, or some toy. But over time, our passions get diluted. If we can return to that state of desperate focus on the things we desire, there’s no limit to what we can do.



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How to Be a Fighter Jet (ft. Bedros Keuilian, Four-Time Inc 500 CEO + Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, ‘Man Up’)

How to Be a Fighter Jet (ft. Bedros Keuilian, Four-Time Inc 500 CEO + Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, ‘Man Up’)

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