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How to Embrace Sobriety with Gillian Tietz

How to Embrace Sobriety with Gillian Tietz

Update: 2022-11-111


Gillian Tietz is the host of Sober Powered, a top 50 mental health podcast, and the founder of Sober Powered Media, a podcast network of top mental health shows. She has a master’s in biology and worked in research labs in the Boston area. Getting sober in 2019 inspired her to start her podcast to help others understand why addiction happens and how to develop the coping skills they need to stay sober. After 2 years of consistent, hard work she left her career in biochemistry to start her network. 

Eric and Gillian discuss her journey to sobriety and how she shares what she has learned with others on her podcast, Sober Powered.

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Gillian Tietz and I Discuss How to Embrace Sobriety and …

  • Her podcast, Sober Powered

  • How she learned that watching TV did not support the life she wanted

  • The start of her journey to sobriety

  • Struggling with emotions that lead her to destructive habits

  • Her struggles with body image

  • Realizing how drinking caused her mental health to deteriorate

  • How alcohol enhanced the problems she was trying to hide from

  • Learning to accept that moderating drinking wasn’t possible

  • The idea of harm reduction and the controversial opinions

  • Finally seeking professional help when at the start of the quarantine

  • How she wanted to start the podcast to share what she had learned to help others

  • The value of finding support from sober communities on social media

  • How we often don’t see the cause and effect of drinking when you’re in it

  • The effects that alcohol has on the brain and mental health

  • Post acute withdrawal and how the brain needs to learn to re-regulate without alcohol

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How to Embrace Sobriety with Gillian Tietz

How to Embrace Sobriety with Gillian Tietz