DiscoverPodcast Bestie, the PodcastHow to Grow Your Podcast: A Podcast Marketing Master Class with Jeff Umbro of The Podglomerate
How to Grow Your Podcast: A Podcast Marketing Master Class with Jeff Umbro of The Podglomerate

How to Grow Your Podcast: A Podcast Marketing Master Class with Jeff Umbro of The Podglomerate

Update: 2023-07-17


Hello Besties! We’re all here because we want to know how to grow our podcasts and today’s episode is a banger in that department. We’re getting a podcast marketing master class from Jeff Umbro of The Podglomerate. He’s going to teach us all about their five tiers of audience development and some case studies for how to apply them. And guess what, Besties? Before Jeff was spending millions on podcast marketing, he got his start as a podcast listening addict and indie podcaster like so many of us.  

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Here’s a link to the TRANSCRIPT.

Watch the video version of Jeff’s interview on YouTube.

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Jeff’s a wealth of podcast marketing wisdom. What was your favorite takeaway?

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How to Grow Your Podcast: A Podcast Marketing Master Class with Jeff Umbro of The Podglomerate

How to Grow Your Podcast: A Podcast Marketing Master Class with Jeff Umbro of The Podglomerate

Courtney Kocak