DiscoverReal Estate Rookie262: How to SCALE Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023
262: How to SCALE Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023

262: How to SCALE Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023

Update: 2023-02-181


You want to build a real estate portfolio, but you might not even own a single rental property yet! So how do you go from onlooker to investor and finally become financially free through real estate investing? Start with the end in mind! So many rookie real estate investors envision a dream life with cash-flowing rentals and little to no stress, only to realize the landlord life is a LOT different than social media makes it seem. To grow a passive real estate portfolio, you need to do something different. David Greene, host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, knows exactly what that is.

David went from cop to top-producing real estate agent, investor, broker, and host of the world’s most recognized real estate investing podcast. He knows what it feels like to have a big portfolio and all the pain points that come with it. For the rookie investors, David wants to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes he did. Scaling your portfolio incorrectly could force you into yet another job, NOT the financial independence you’re looking for.

In his new book, SCALE: A Successful Agent’s Guide to Leveling Up Their Real Estate Business, David outlines EXACTLY what you must do to build a business, NOT a landlord nightmare. In this episode, he’ll give you everything you need to know about picking the right area and property, why appreciation often beats cash flow, knowing “the number” to offer, and how you can outsource your work to live the life you love!

Pre-Order SCALE now, and use code “SCALE262” for 10% off at checkout!

In This Episode We Cover

How David Greene went from stressed-out cop to financially-free investor 

How to build a business, NOT a job that will take time out of your day

What to look for when researching an investing area and whether cash flow markets are worth it

Knowing the “efficiency” of a deal and how it can make you MUCH wealthier

The “long-term outlook” David uses when analyzing ANY real estate deal

How to use “leverage” to work less, earn more, and build a better business

Why buying the most real estate possible IS NOT a good option for investors

And So Much More!

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262: How to SCALE Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023

262: How to SCALE Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2023