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How to Stop Headaches Using Science-Based Approaches

How to Stop Headaches Using Science-Based Approaches

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In this episode, I discuss the causes and treatments of different types of headaches, including tension headaches, migraines, sinus and cluster headaches, as well as menstrual and other hormone-based headaches. I describe how to distinguish between the different headache types and how to select the right treatment, including prescription-based and non-prescription-based treatments, behavioral and nutrition-based approaches. I also explain the evidence and mechanisms supporting the use of omega-3 fatty acids, high dose creatine, peppermint oil, turmeric, acupuncture and more. Additionally, I touch on traumatic brain injury, the causes of photophobia, aura, and the link between spicy foods and thunderclap headaches. By the end of this episode, listeners and viewers will have a comprehensive understanding of headaches, their types and the best way to prevent and stop them.

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(00:00:00 ) Headache

(00:03:51 ) Sponsor: LMNT

(00:07:47 ) Headache Sources: Muscle Tension; Blood Flow & Meninges

(00:14:06 ) Headache Sources: Neurons; Inflammation & Sinus Headache 

(00:23:21 ) 3 Neuron Types, Pain, Tension Headaches

(00:29:29 ) Sponsor: AG1

(00:31:05 ) Tension Headaches

(00:34:29 ) Migraine Headaches, Aura, Photophobia 

(00:43:10 ) Cluster Headaches

(00:47:47 ) Hormone-Based Headaches, Menstrual Cycle & Menopause

(00:53:38 ) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) & Headache, Baseline Health

(01:02:08 ) Tool: Headache Treatment, Creatine Monohydrate & TBI

(01:12:22 ) InsideTracker

(01:13:55 ) Headache Treatment, Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids (Linolic Acid)

(01:22:14 ) Tool: Omega-3 Supplementation, Omega-6 Fatty Acids & Inflammation

(01:28:11 ) Hormone Headache Treatment & Omega-3s

(01:31:24 ) Tool: Aura, Photophobia & Offsetting with Red Light 

(01:44:15 ) Tool: Tension Headache & Botox Treatment

(01:49:43 ) Tool: Alternative Headache Treatments, Peppermint Oil, Menthol

(02:01:35 ) Tool: Tension Headaches Treatment & Acupuncture

(02:05:41 ) Tool: Migraine & Herbal Treatment, Caffeine Timing

(02:13:26 ) Tool: Migraine Treatments & Curcumin (Turmeric)

(02:18:00 ) Carolina Reaper Pepper & Thunderclap Headache

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Comments (4)

Maria Dr.

Oh my God!!!! I've tried EVERYTHING to prevent my recurring tension/hormone migraines, yoga, botox, relaxation, massage ending up always using sumatriptan for an attack and now tried your advice of 1000mg omega-3 EPA and for a month I haven't had a single episode! You might have saved me from a very miserable life and I'm so grateful!!!

Mar 20th

Fa fa

dear Dr, I can not listen to your podcasts , I receive an error each time, is there any other source.

Feb 6th
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How to Stop Headaches Using Science-Based Approaches

How to Stop Headaches Using Science-Based Approaches

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